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Love the Children 97 
 Thank You!

We need to thank all of you who supported and partnered with us both monetarily and in prayer. We could not have done it without you.

We continually heard from people who said they were praying for us and it lifted our spirits, knowing that we weren't going there alone. When we left, we knew a few people by name, but mostly, Kim and I only knew each other. It was certainly intimidating. But by the end of the trip, each of us had formed some relationships that have blossomed ever since. In fact, Kim is active with a small group of high school girls and I have a small group of high school boys for discipleship and Bible study on Tuesday nights, because of our trip.

A trip of this magnitude takes God's blessing for it to be successful and we believe God really blessed it. I believe everyone came away from the trip closer to God and to each other. And there is a new excitement for missions that was not there before.

So we want to thank you again for all your support and hope that our report back to you has encouraged you and helped you to feel a part of the trip - because you were.

Love in Christ,

Kimberly and Ray