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Love the Children 97 
 Wordless Bracelets

Before our trip began, we met together on Monday nights for several weeks to prepare for our mission trip. During this time, we learned some Russian words and the Russian songs that we were to sing wordlessbraceletthere - How Great Thou Art and What a Friend We Have in Jesus . We learned about Russian culture and learned the Four Spiritual Laws booklet. We also ate looooooots of cheeeeeap pizza and were introduced to the "wordless bracelet.

The wordless bracelet is a leather band which contains 5 beads. The first bead is black and symbolizes our sin. The second bead is red and symbolizes Christ's blood that washes away our sin. The third bead is white and symbolizes our purity in Christ. The fourth bead is green and symbolizes our growth in Christ. The fifth bead is gold and symbolizes the streets of gold in heaven.

We made bracelets which we each wore before, during, and after the trip. Before and after the trip, the bracelets served as a reminder of our ongoing dedication to God. It also allowed us an opportunity to explain the meaning of the bracelet and what we w ere doing and why. There are many people that we have had an opportunity to talk to about God because of the bracelet and their curiosity.

During the trip, we handed out about 2000 bracelets to the people there with a simple message:

Jesus Christ Loves You