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Love the Children 97 
 Singing at 5 Churches

We learned 2 songs in Russian before our trip; How Great Thou Art and What a Friend We Have in Jesus. Two of our firstchurchofbrovaryfellow missionaries, Tim and Rachel prepared songs which they sang solo, Just a Closer Walk with Thee, and As the Deer Panteth for the Water. During the trip we participated in 4 worship services, and had an opportunity to sing in each of them.

On the Sunday prior to our departure, our commissioning service, we sang as a group in Russian for our church. We were presented with an Arizona state flag by one of our state representatives. During the trip, we visited with the mayor of Brovary and firstchurchinsidepresented this flag to him. He, in turn, presented us with a Ukrainian flag.

Each of us received dog tags, which were inscribed with:

Ray, Remember you are my ambassador.

2 Corinthians 5:20

Many of us still wear our dog tags.

Our second opportunity was at the First church of Brovary, where we all sang. Lacy was able to give his testimony and John prepared a message. Services were conducted in Russian or translated into Russian. The people there were very kind hearted and prepared a dinner for us after the service. There were about 100 people at this church.

The third opportunity was at the firstevangelicalEvangelical church of Kiev. We sang as a group and Rachel and Tim sang solo. John prepared a lesson. Services were again in Russian. This church was very large.

The fourth was at the Second church of Brovary, where we sang How Great Thou Art. Several of the young people had an opportunity to share their testimony. Only about 2/3 of us were able to participate in this, but we still out numbered the local members. This is the same church for whom we were working on building their building. They carved a wooden mirror and presented it to us during their service, which we in turn presented to the Elders at Christ Community Church. It is a beautiful mirror. There was much crying at this service, and these were tears of joy and of touched hearts among the local members and among us. It was difficult to leave them.

The fifth opportunity was in Grosswaltstadt, Germany. The services were primarily conducted in German and translated into English and Russian. Their teens sang several songs, as did their young children. We all sang also. An impressive note was that their elementary kids sang a couple of songs at the beginning and one later on, and sat in the front, facing everyone, and were well behaved during the entire service.

During each of the services, the people there did not know what songs we were planning to sing, but sang the same song we had prepared, before we sang it.

In all of the services it was obvious to see the great love that they have for our God.

The Sunday following our return, we led both services at Christ Community Church. We sang, presented the Ukrainian flag to our state representative, presented the mirror from the second church of Brovary to our elders, thanked those who helped us go, and told about our trip.

We were a group with something truly special in common, this blessing from God.